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Important Information for users of Hauptwerk Version V
Form version V on Hauptwerk is using a new protection system (iLok from PACE) for the encryption and protection of sample sets and the Hauptwerk software itself. This system is not compatible with the system previously used. In particular Hauptwerk version V (and future versions) will NOT load any sample set protected with the old system for Hauptwerk 4.x. This is a deliberate decision by the makers of Hauptwerk as the old system had been hacked.

Detailled information regarding the new protection mechanism and licencing scheme can be found in the Hauptwerk User Guide and on the website of the company providing the protection system, PACE.

Advantages of the new protections system

The new system provides a number of benefits to end users. The user now has the choice to store his licences on a USB dongle or in a cloud provided by PACE. Licences can be freely moved between the USB-dongle (or several of them) and the cloud and so easily transferred between different computers or installations. PACE is even offering an insurance for the dongle and the licences stored on it in case of damage, loss or theft. Returning or selling licences is also significantly simplified with the new system.

In addition the new protection system offers the possibility to provide time limited (14 days) trial licences. Hence it is no longer necessary to provide special trial versions for sample sets that are fully utilizing the new system.

Licencing models for our sample sets

As in the past we are using two licencing models for our sample sets. In most cases (with two exceptions described later) we forgo the individual licencing using the iLok system, these sets only use basic encryption provided by the iLok system. The free trial versions as well as the licenced versions of these sample sets work without extra licencing, for the full versions you will simply need a special organ definition file provided by us to our customers. Just as in the past this file will be available for download to you after your purchase. After installation of this file the sample set is immediately ready for use.

For the two sample sets "Oberlinger organ in Bonn-Beuel" und "Furtwängler und Hammer organ in the Kaiserdom Königslutter" we are using the full iLok protection system. All files needed for the sample sets can be downloaded freely from our servers. Hauptwerk V will however not load the sets without installing a licence. This licence will be provided to you by means of an activation code that you can use in the PACE licence manager software to install the licence. This code will be provided to you after your purchase without any further action on your part, normally within 24 hrs. For these two sample sets we are not providing special trial versions any more (for Hauptwerk V), instead you can request a 14-day trial licence key free of charge from us via e-mail. Each code can only be used once, and we will only send out one code per sample set per customer.

Moving from Hauptwerk version 4 to version V

As mentioned previously sample sets protected for Hauptwerk 4.x cannot be used with Hauptwerk V. This means that you will need to obtain and install new versions of all the sample sets already being used by you. Please note that all organ specific settings remain intact during the process.

The updated versions for Hauptwerk V are already available for download for all our sample sets. On the download pages we are providing specific links for Hauptwerk up to version 4.x and Hauptwerk from version V onwards, please make sure to download the correct version for your Hauptwerk version. In order to obtain the new Hauptwerk V compatible licenced ODF for your sample sets please log in to your account in our store. On the tab "My Account" you will see a history of all your previous orders made with us and in the details for each orders download links will be shown for both Hauptwerk versions. If you purchased a set from one of our resellers we can send you the new ODF via mail on request when you provide us with a proof of purchase.

For some sample sets (see above) in addition to the new downloaded files you also need a licence for the new iLok system. For all sample set licences (dongle based) that you own at the time of your upgrade to Hauptwerk V you will receive activation codes for the new licencing systems free of charge from Milan Digital Audio directly, IF you upgrade to version V BEFORE October 1st 2020. These will be supplied to you automatically during your upgrade process. (For our sample sets this only applies to customers of the Oberlinger organ in Bonn-Beuel). Customers of the Furtwängler and Hammer sample set, for which we did not use dongle based licencing in the past, will receive a free licence activation code directly from us when upgrading to version V before this date as well. Please let us know when you are upgrading and require the code for this sample set.

Availability of sample set versions for Hauptwerk 4

We will continue to provide sample sets for users of Hauptwerk version 4.x for some period of time (based on demand). Dongle based licences for the old system will however be only available as long as such licence updates are provided by Milan Digital Audio. This is relevant for the sample sets "Steinmeyer organ Marktoberdorf" and "Oberlinger organ in Bonn-Beuel".

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