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Historical Portativ 8.00EUR

The original instrument for this sample set is a precious historical Portativ with a single stop (4' Gedackt) dating back to the 18th century. Except for the addition of an electrical wind supply (Ventola) it is in original condition and exceptionally well maintained. The instrument is ideally suited to accompany small choirs or instrument ensembles. It is part of a private collection of historical musical instruments located in Braunschweig (Germany).

The portativ has been recorded in Dezember 2015 with high quality microfones using a Jecklin disc in a studio-like room with very little reverb. Each pipe has been recorded with two separate relase layers, one for staccato and one for longer notes. A third release layer does not add anything with the short reverbaration time of the room. Blower and action noise have been recorded separately as well. Due to the very dry recording the set is exceptionally well suited to be used in rooms with strong reverbaration or for adding reverb by post-processing.   

The single stop of the Portativ is always on in the sample set, a separate stop switch is not provided. The volume of the blower and action noises can be adjusted with sliders in the graphical user interface.  

As a special addition reverb samples have been created from the dry recordings using a very high quality convolution reverb. This gives the user the option to add reverb to the sound. For this purpose a slider has been added to the organ image to set the desired reverb level. Reverb samples have been created for two different virtual rooms, one with about 1.5 seconds reverb and the other with 3-4 seconds. These can be selected using a switch on the organ image, allowing the user to change the accoustic setting easily.

This new feature is unique in the Hauptwerk world and gives users more options to adjust the sound of the Portativ to their taste.

Please note that the licence of this sample set does permit public installations and commercial use!

A small booklet in pdf form is available for download     

Licence Inform.

This sample set requires a Windows-PC or Apple Mac-OS computer  and the Hauptwerk™(1) software (Any edition including Free Edition, version 4.2 or higher). CPU and memory requirements are extremely low, the required sample memory is just about 50MB when loading with 24bit resolution.

Licence Conditions

The licence conditions for our sample sets conditions can be found here.                  


Historical Portativ Historical Portativ
Trial Version

The trial version of this small sample set is fully functional, but the sound is muted periodically.

Please refer to our downloads page to download the trial version.

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